ScrumImpulz 2015


To attend the conference, please complete the registration form. Please note that registration is definite an invoice for conference fee going to be issued subsequently. You are registering for ScrumImpulz 2016 conference in Bratislava Slovakia May 12. 2016.

 Groups more than 3 attendees are qualified for 15% discount.

Conference consist of two stages AGILE stage and ACADEMIC stage . When you register you have access to both stages. Please select the prefered stage, just to indicate your focus.

AGILE stage 139€+VAT
ACADEMIC stage 139€+VAT

I want to attend Agile Gala event - May 12th - (28€ + VAT)
we're applying for 15% discount (at least 2 more people from your company are going to attend)

Active participation

Article in the bulletin
PowerPoint presentation

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