Navigating Disruption – Why is integrated risk critical in Agile environments?

The Navigating Disruption workshop intends to develop critical risk management skills to help risk practitioners in Agile organizations smoothly navigate through business disruption.

Do you have a tendency to prevent or welcome disruption? To what extent are you confident with the rapidly changing environment? How capable are you of keeping track with constant change? Do you see the traditional risk management cycle (identify, analyze, respond, monitor) too slow to keep up with organization’s agility? How widely do you manage integrated risks? How often do you turn risks into opportunities?

The workshop runs as experiential learning. Resistance to disruption is a natural human reaction and the more you fight or try to ignore it, the stronger it grows.

Integration of risk management practices with organization’s agility serves as an introduction to the workshop. Integrated risk will be explained together with why it becomes more important than ever before. Interactive exercises will be used to practice responding to frequent disruption with smile and confidence; followed by reflection to the practice. Attendees will leave with understanding and hands-on experience of how to bring disruption into their comfort zone and start turning risks into opportunities they would even be afraid thinking of.

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1 day workshop


About Stanislava Pendziviaterova

Stanislava Pendziviaterova is Certified System Information Auditor (ISACA), Certified in Risk and Information Systems Controls (ISACA), organizational agile coach and global speaker.

She has over 10 years of business risk management and coaching experience across domains such as IT service delivery, business controls, internal audit and organization transformation in an international environment.

Stanislava is known for her curiosity and challenging the status quo. She helps leaders and teams unlocking their potential for innovative and purposeful actions.

Stanislava Pendziviaterova