Full day of talks, case studies, discussions and networking.

Scrum. Kanban. Agile techniques. Iterative product delivery. Leadership. Teamwork. Coaching sessions. Community. Fun.

Great Speakers

Names who alwas have something to say. Experienced presenters, authors and professionals with individual approach to Agile topic. Lightning talks – be the speaker youself.

Coaching Clinic

Schedule your 1on1 session with experienced agilist. Get new point of wiew to your challenges and crack them right at the place.


To make your Agile day even more enjoyable, we prepare some entertaining content. Let us surprise you !

The only event of its kind in Slovakia. Tradition. Originality. 7th Edition.

Great speakers who inspire you.

We're working on speaker list. If you want to propose someone interesting (maybe even yourself) feel free to contact us.


Peter Benkovic


Agile transformation: What should we respect to succeed (human side of Agile)

02:01 - 17:00

About Peter

Peter is leadership development, communication and team work effectiveness consultant and coach. Agile movement has attracted his attention four years ago from two points of view: human side of agile and implementing agile principles outside IT business.


Willy Wijnands


Agile/Lean concepts for teaching and learning

02:01 - 02:01

About Willy

"Father of eduScrum" himself. College teacher and Aikido trainer. Passionate speaker and author. His talk is a teaser for his workshop on Education stage.


Andrea Provaglio


Growing Adaptive Organizations

09:00 - 17:00

About Andrea

Enthusiastic and rational. Very balanced. With more than 20 yrs of experience in EU, US and Canada. He's very flexible and brings his bright ideas to huge organizations as well as to small ultra-dynamic startups. Consultant and speaker.


Jorgen Hesselberg


Seven Signs You’re on the right Path to Unlocking Agility

09:00 - 17:00

About Jorgen

A proven thought leader of numerous successful enterprise transformation efforts since 2009, Jorgen provides strategic guidance, executive counseling, and coaching to some of the world’s most respected companies. He has trained thousands of people on disruptive innovation and enterprise transformation strategy.


Marcus Hamrin


Useful Process Data – What it is and how to use it

09:00 - 17:00

About Marcus

Spotify Agile Coach turned Product Manager, with experience from many core roles of software product development in fast growing companies. Marcus takes a pragmatic and holistic approach to team delivery processes, in order to create value as well as ensuring a healthy and sustainable team culture.


Martin Kubik


* to be defined

09:00 - 17:00

About Martin

Martin Kubik has been a part of the banking industry for a very long time. He specs in process and project management. Founder of Demand Management at contributor to creation of change management processes in IT at Tatra banka Leader with significant exerience as the chairman of the board of directors of innovative design and manufacturing company with international scope. Currently CIO at Tatra banka.


Karel Smutný


Do you know what is your product?

09:00 - 17:00

About Karel

Karel is organizational design consultant, system thinker, software developer and Professional Scrum Trainer. He helps companies remove unnecessary organizational complexity while focusing on customer centricity and whole product view.


Silvana Wasitova


* to be defined

09:00 - 17:00

About Silvana

Scrum practitioner since 2005, Silvana lives and breathes the agile value of “People over Process”, and brings that to the forefront of her coaching work. Actively aided multinational enterprise Agile transformations in USA, UK, GER and CH with clients including Yahoo, Nestle, Skype, Microsoft, and a private Swiss bank.


Define your problem, find answers

Coaching clinic sessions

09:00 - 16:00


During the conference, our Agile coaching group will be available for session based on the schedule. Ask the questions, discuss your challenges, look for solutions. One-on-One with experienced agilists.

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We partner with this conference from the very beginning. These guys know what they are doing. Great audience, talented speakers, cool people to network with.

Martin Lipták, CEO Prelika a.s., longtime partner

I had a pleasure of being involved in this conference in the past. It's well attended, well presented. You will find a great value by attending.

James M. Heidema, author, coach, speaker & trainer

It was a pleasure to speak here. The talent level of the speakers was excellent, focused on the complex people issues we all face day-to-day.

Daryl Kulak, author of "The Journey to Enterprise Agility"

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